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Random stuff capturing how I make a living on Web.

How the internet works 

In the digital age, the internet is an essential part of our daily lives. This post is a quick summary by a web developer on how the internet works.

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About Me

Your Web 3.0 Wizard Guru Consultant

I’m Kwong Sham, and my specialty is creating Outstanding Websites, developing Unique Web Applications and providing Effective Tech Solutions, all at surprisingly affordable prices.

With my career, I want to shine the light on society and make our world better.

Developers should be on a mission to help grow the global tech for good movement:

  • To promote openness, safety, and trust in the usage of internet, and
  • To contribute to addressing issues that confront the future through technology.

When designing sites or developing applications, I always pay strict attention to detail, emphasizing Visual Appeal, User Friendliness and Ease of Navigation & Maintenance, all built upon great collaborative efforts with my clients.

I love my work. I have devoted myself to creating unique Web Designs & Innovative Online Solutions for companies of all sizes, ranging from small start-ups to international corporations, both here in Asia and beyond.

From basic concepts to advanced technology, I’m always open to new ideas and concepts that help me provide clients with effective and affordable user-driven solutions, which in turn help their businesses prosper and grow.



My Clients

My Work

The projects that I built.

I LOVE what I do, and my clients and colleagues tell me it shows in my work! I know from experience that beautiful designs make happy clients.

My Journey

I am highly skilled, yet approachable affordable friendly

Being a grassroots entrepreneur myself, I have proven records to assemble resources and to combine and align principles of business strategy and social value creation to make social changes.


B.Eng. (Hons) Information Engineering (First)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

2012 – Present


Webgineer Limited

2015 – 2018

MPhil in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2019 – Present

Certified 2030 SDGs Game Facilitator

2030 SDGs Game

My Services

The best service for you.

My love for my work is my inspiration. I always look forward to meeting new clients and taking on challenging new projects.

Web Design

Knowing that “two heads are better than one” and that collaborative efforts produce the best results, I work only with the most talented Designers, Developers and Writers available.

Web Applications Development

When designing sites or developing applications, I always pay strict attention to detail, emphasizing Visual Appeal, User Friendliness and Ease of Navigation  & Maintenance, all built upon a Solid Code Base System.

Digital Marketing

Social Media is an excellent way of attracting and holding the attention of your target audience. Custom-designed applications promoting your business can be integrated into your Marketing Campaign & Branding Strategy, and that’s where we can help!

Digital Consultancy

My strategic advisory apply to various stages of a company, from venture formation, product growth or even digital transformation. We can grow a team together quickly with proven tactics, and help to achieve goals that you set but not sure how to do so yet.

Best Freelancers

Kwong SHAM

Detail-minded IT professional possessing 15+ years of project management experience, with excellent written and oral language skills and capability of articulating complex engineering problems with layman terms.