Alicia Lui

Alicia grew up in Hong Kong playing sports: not just within PE classes at school, but was lucky enough that her parents allowed her to figure-skate and horse-ride outside of school. She swam and played basketball for her school. She was also always running around, chasing and kicking a ball with her two cousins or playing British bulldog and French tennis with the boys during recess.


Despite her affinity for sports, Alicia gave up many of these activities in order to prep for her IGCSEs. Instead of practices, she focused her energy on tutoring. It was not until she graduated from university and moved back to HK that she took up sports more seriously again when she found the Ultimate Frisbee community. Nowadays, Alicia still plays ultimate frisbee but enjoys coaching more.


Reflecting on the crucial role that sports has played in her own life, she hopes to encourage other women and girls to play and stay playing sports so they can experience the benefits of sports. Alicia recognizes that sports have instilled in her a stronger sense of self-belief and self-motivation, as well as empathy and ability to work with others. She hopes that WISE HK can serve as an avenue to empower other women and girls to find their own sense of self through sports.


By day, Alicia works at a family office, working within a team to build a larger community of people in HK participating in the sustainable finance ecosystem.